Did you know that your pet’s skin and gum color can tell you much about your their health?

Skin tone can be hard to see on a pet depending on the amount of fur they carry.  Veterinarians use the color of the mucous membranes, such as the “white” of the eyes and gums above the teeth to gauge a pet’s health.  When it comes to gums, anything other than a normal pink color calls for veterinary assistance or first-aid care.  If your pet’s gums are pigmented (black or brown), try to find a non-pigmented pink spot on the gums or lips to assess his/her condition. 

Mucous Membrane Color Test

Membrane Color What it means Call the Vet?
Pink Normal NO
Pale to White Anemia or shock YES, immediately
Blue Smoke inhalation or suffocation YES, immedaitely
Bright Cherry Red Carbon monoxide poisoning YES, immedatiley
Yellow Liver problems YES, same day

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