Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer full service grooming?
A: Yes, we are a full service establishment.

Q: What type of pets can you accommodate?
A: We have no restrictions on breeds or sizes.

Q: Do you take cats?
A: Unfortunately at this time we are not able to accommodate baths or grooms for cats.

Q: How long does it take to groom my pet?
A: We do our best to get the pets in our care bathed and groomed in a timely manner.  Most pets require between 1 to 1 .5 hours.  During very busy days however, it may take a bit longer.  You will be called as soon as your pet is finished for pickup.

Q: Do you use cages?
A: For the protection of both your dog and our staff we do use cage banks where dogs are kept separate and comfortable while they wait to be worked and/or picked up.  These banks are located adjacent to our groomers and are always being attended to by Dog Grooming Shop staff.

Q: Do you use HEATED cage dryers?
A: No, the cage drying systems we use do not create any heat.

Q: Do you express anal glands?
A: Yes, we externally express anal glands during our bathing process.

Q: Is it necessary to book an appointment?
A: When time allows we can take in walk-ins and same day appointments.  However, we strongly recommend that you pre-book your next appointment to ensure availability on the day you would like to come in.

Q: Do you keep grooming history records?
A: Absolutely! We maintain a detailed client record for each pet as well as owner information and services rendered to the pet during each visit.

Q: Do you allow pet owners to watch as you groom?
A: To avoid a stressful situation for the pet, owners may not wait or be present in the bathing or grooming areas. It is more difficult for a groomer to control the pet when the pet can see or hear its owner.  Clients may drop the pet off and return once the groom is finished.  Clients are called for pickup as soon as the groom or bath is completed.

Q: Do you take elderly pets?
A: Yes, our groomers are trained in the handling and grooming of elderly pets.  Please keep in mind that pets that require special handling due to advanced age or health issues do require more time to groom.  Some pets may not tolerate standing on a grooming table for long periods thereby requiring “breaks” to be given.  When time allows we do our best to bathe and groom elderly dogs as quickly as possible so we can have them go home sooner rather than later.  Being able to do so however does depend on how busy the salon is during that day.

Q: Will you color my dog’s nails?
A: Yes, we currently offer nail painting.  We use Warren London nail polish which is non-toxic and created for use on dogs.

Q: Will you dye my poodle pink?
A: No, currently we do not offer coloring for fur.  We do however supply decorative bows or bandanas for all baths and grooms.