I highly recommend the Dog Grooming Shop! The Dog Grooming Shop bathed and brushed our Siberian Husky (Haley) and German Shepherd (Maya) and our girls look amazing! We took them to PetSmart after picking them up from the Dog Grooming Shop and I think they were prancing showing off their new look! Everyone at the shop is extremely helpful and very nice.
Valorie May Shelton

you guys!
Erica Bock Scales

We were so heartbroken when Russel passed. But we know he’s up in heaven grooming and loving on our Miss Lucy!

We have been customers of the shop for nearly twenty years. But dog owners for more than 40 and this is the best grooming shop I’ve ever used. They do exactly what is asked, no more and no less, and always treat the fur babies kindly and with love.

Leah Walker

Love the way Javier takes care of my babies. They have ALOT of fur to cut and he does a beautiful job. Clean surroundings and wonderful people love you guys!
Corlee Ward