What is Rainbowpawz?

Why does DGS support it?

Rainbowpawz is the brainchild of our very own Javier.  A certified seasoned groomer, he currently manages our grooming department helping other groomers grow and refine their skills.  We recognize his devotion and many years of service in helping Dog Grooming Shop become Arlington’s foremost dog grooming salon!

Along with his skills as a groomer, Javier also has a penchant for crafting pursuits.  The DGS boutique was born out of that creativity.  He began by offering handmade dog themed greeting cards, expanding from there to include pet themed jewelry and various other unique items that would be difficult to locate elsewhere.  Always seeking to grow, he turned his creative eye towards sewing and bag making.  Hence, our boutique space now offers custom beautifully crafted dog themed bags.  It wasn’t long before he was introduced to the world of embroidery. Once he mastered embroidery techniques, he began turning out pieces that could easily be considered more art than bags.

Javier discussed with us his drive and desire to offer his handmade pieces to a larger audience, which led him to create Rainbowpawz, a place online where his creativity & talent can expand!  Did we mention he makes dog bandanas too!  He calls his collection of slip-on dog bandanas, Dogdanas and we think they are just the cutest thing around.  Oh! he can personalize your Dogdana as well.  Makes a wonderful gift idea.  Click on the link below to be taken to his online boutique.

We at Dog Grooming Shop support and stand behind Javier as he grows his brand just as strongly as he has helped us grow ours.  We invite you to check out his online boutique and purchase with confidence.

Rainbowpawz also has a Facebook group page where Javier discusses upcoming collections, holds giveaways and
hands out special discounts only for his “Pack Members”. 

He simply spoils them!

To join on the party over there simply click the button below.